Smashing Quarkus

Recently, I tried to delve into how Quarkus operates. Quarkus is a Java application framework optimized for Kubernetes, working seamlessly with both OpenJDK HotSpot and GraalVM. When compared to other frameworks like Spring Boot, it boasts a lower memory footprint and faster startup times.

In my search for deeper understanding, I looked for books and articles but was disappointed not to find any that delve into Quarkus's internals. While the documentation and the books available explain the mechanisms used thoroughly, I was looking for something deeper. Having experience with Spring Boot, I was curious to understand how Quarkus achieves its performance benefits and wanted to compare these insights with what I knew from Spring Boot.

I decided to write a book that doesn’t just cover the basics; it delves into the internals of Quarkus, providing everything needed to master the framework. I've just begun, and it will be frequently updated. I'm still learning and sharing my knowledge as I go.

The book also offers insights into how Spring Boot and Spring Native operate. While these frameworks have different approaches, the underlying concepts remain consistent, providing a comparative understanding of both ecosystems.